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About Eight Aspiration Report

About Eight Aspirations

It is also commonly known as the Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations. Each direction is associated with an aspect of life. For example, south-west is the marriage & relationships location based on the static Bagua directions. You can activate each of the associations by establishing which rooms corresponds to which association.


What is this report used for?

This report allows you to improve your Career, Education, Children, Family & Marriage and even Wealth. This is the same concept used is most Feng Shui books telling you that you can improve you marriage by putting roses in the South-West sector etc.

This is an authentic theory based on the BAGUA. However, you must also know that there is ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALISATION to any person. Therefore, it is a very STATIC theory which is solely based on the BAGUA EIGHT DIRECTIONS.

Therefore, based on our experience, you will get more from other more superior and more personalised analysis like that of the Eight House or an even more advanced Compass School called the Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) and Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui). Results from any of these other more ADVANCED analysis will TAKE PRIORITY over this static analysis. It is ranked last amons the above.

How to use the report?

Simply follow the section on the Activate this Location row for details on how you can activate each of the sector.

Cures or Activiting these sectors should be done after you have consulted other analysis results particularly the Eight House or Flying Star analysis.

Where to generate Report?

This report is currently available as a FREE report for members. View the sample report as shown below:-

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Find out your Life Association Sectors
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