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Chinese Parents: Names to Avoid for your kids

Traditionally, Chinese parents consult a Chinese Astrologer or Geomancer to find a suitable name for their child. Names are chosen based on a child's Eight Characters or commonly called The 4 Discover Your Destiny. This is still done today.

For instance, when my elder brother was born, according to a Geomancer after he had looked at his Eight Characters, found that he lacked the `water' element. To `compensate' for this, my brother was given a name with " Chwee " (in Hokkien) for " Shui " or Water. As for me, I was told I did not lack anything and had a name with " Chong " (in Mandarin) for " Centre or Middle ".

However, there are some who are superstitous of names that have connotations or sounds like.

Here are some samples:- 


Monica Cheng (in Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks (Mo1 Ni3 Ka1 Ceng1)

Michael Tan (in Chinese) - Selling dog eggs (Mai4 gou3 dan4)

Tommy Huang (in Mandarin) - Tang2 Ming2 Huang2 (Ming Dynasty's emperor)

Lucy Liaw (in Hokkien) - You are dead (Le4 See4 Liao4)

Judy Soo (in Malay) - Lost in Gamble

Paul Chan (in Mandarin) - Bankrupt! (po4 chan3)

Nelson Tan (in Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs (niao3 sheng1 dan4)

Jason Tan (in Mandarin) - Thieves laying eggs (zei2 sheng1 dan4)

Nelson Chong (in Mandarin) - Bird giving birth to worms (niao3 sheng1 chong2) 


Honda's - CONCERTO (in Hokkien) - Company close down (cong1 see1 tou)




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